Top 3 Places to Get Your Wine On in Plovdiv

We were determined to explore this increasing popular wine region of the world. Since many wineries are small and few wines are exported, the surest method to experience Bulgarian wine is getting out on the wine route. In Plovdiv, we sought out the best ways for winos and tourists to experience wines of the Bulgarian wine region. If you are wine lovers like us, check out these three options that will get you ready for wine time. Continue reading Top 3 Places to Get Your Wine On in Plovdiv

Top Foodie Finds in Sofia, Bulgaria

Most travelers spend only a one or two days exploring Sofia, Bulgaria. After arriving, we decided to extend our stay for nine nights to explore this beautiful city. During this time, we explored Sofia’s foodie scene and found three restaurants that we would highly recommend to anyone who asked, “Where should we go to eat?” Continue reading Top Foodie Finds in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Travel Guide to Explore Europe’s Outdoor Adventureland

For our first full day in our 50th country, we needed a little adventure! We reached out to REFLIP to explore more of Bulgaria’s wild side and get a taste of the awesome outdoor adventure that lies in the Struma River Gorge. Continue reading Bulgaria – Travel Guide to Explore Europe’s Outdoor Adventureland



We love getting off the well-worn track of Europe’s major tourist hubs. We’ve found that the closest you’ll get to that “1970’s Backpacking in Europe Vibe,” is by venturing into cities in Eastern Europe that are jusimaget at the brink of tourism. Niš is the third largest city in Serbia, and is just at the beginning stages of international tourism. It is quaint, safe, and walkable. After three days exploring this town, we developed a practical guide to help others get the most out of their stay here. Continue reading TRAVEL GUIDE TO NIŠ, SERBIA: WHAT TO SEE AND DO

Ep. 20: What did WE get ourselves INTO?

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Best Sailing Experience in Split, Croatia

Imagine the wind in your hair, your body feeling the surge of the waves, and breathing in all that fresh sea air! If you are spending time in Split, you must make time to get out on the Adriatic Sea. This was our first time sailing and we are definitely hooked. There is an energy that comes with being aboard a sailboat. When the wind is just right, everything comes alive! The crew members work in unison, using all the essential parts, to set in motion this big, powerful racing ship. It really is an exciting experience and one that we highly recommend.

Continue reading Best Sailing Experience in Split, Croatia

Introducing BS TRAVEL TV

As we continue to make our way around the globe, we’ve found that we truly enjoy recording our journey through the art of travel cinematography. Not only is it a better way to share everyday life events, but videography allows us to make clips that will forever be documented. Our travel memories are beginning to get a little fuzzy. Producing short, daily vlogs help answer the question, “Where did all the time go?”

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Continue reading Introducing BS TRAVEL TV

How to eat LAMB before and after Game of Thrones


How to get the cheapest car rental price-Webinar

We’ve boasted several times about how we get such amazingly low car rental rates as we travel around the world. Instead of attempting to explain it in a written blog post, we decided it was a good topic for our first webinar! Enjoy!


Best Wine Experience in Croatia – Winery Kovač Split

Driving through Croatia, you can’t help but notice that much of the landscape is laced with picturesque vineyards. Wine lovers will be drawn in, craving to immerse themselves in the surrounding wine culture. Unfortunately, visiting Croatia’s wine lands is still very much a challenge. Although, the history of this wine region goes back thousands of years, the wine tourism here is still slowly emerging. Continue reading Best Wine Experience in Croatia – Winery Kovač Split

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