Determining the Destinations

“Well, I’m on my way
I don’t know where I’m going” -Paul Simon

Today was a monumental day for the BS Travelers. We finally laid out a rough itinerary for our RTW trip! Last night at a family party, Harry’s sister Jenny (one of our biggest supporters), asked us where our first stop was for our trip. Embarrassingly enough, we looked at each other and couldn’t state the answer.

After months of tossing around ideas, it was time to determine where we wanted to go on our trip. So we dusted off the ol’ map, hung it on the wall in our kitchen and over grilled cheeses played Harry’s RTW game.  It’s called, “You’re dying-this is your last chance ever to take a vacation- and this will be the final place you’ll ever see.” Pretty dramatic, but you know what? It worked. Here’s how you play:

1. Get out a map. We recommend that you hang it somewhere in which you can look at it daily. (It helps provide much needed motivation when you think you simply can’t just cook another meal at home or second guess having costly drinks after work).

2. Create His/Her Stickers.  His and Her StickersWe each received 10 stickers with our own designated color.

3. Take turns pretending you’re never going to be able to travel anywhere EVER again.  This mindset really helps organize your thoughts and take perspective on priorities. One thing that we have learned through research and previous RTW-ers is to  go where you WANT to go. We almost made this mistake. Initially, we were planning on starting off in Central America, but in the end not one of our destination stickers landed near this area!

4. Now research preferred travel times for chosen locations You may want to travel to a destination in warmer weather or the dry season. Take note of these and write them on the sticker.

5. Stand back and take a first look at your RTW route on a map!  

Our Route
Our Initial Route Plan

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