Why quit your job, when you can get laid off instead?

Anyone leaving on an RTW trip will eventually need to decide  on the preferred method as to how they’re going to resign from their current position. They could quit with notice, quit without notice (probably not recommended), get fired (also probably not the best choice), or get laid off. 

Why would anyone prefer to get laid off? It turns out that there are quite a number of perks to being laid off:

  1. Unemployment benefits
  2. Severance
  3. Free/discounted healthcare

It’s probably pretty easy to get laid off if you’re disliked, lazy, or known for building forts in the copy room made from reams of paper. But how do you get laid off when you’re meeting expectations or are known as a top performer?

In today’s economy, management is  constantly reallocating their head count. In other words, the business world has evolved into a place where layoffs occur almost every year in some way or fashion. Working for a company that assists others in outsourcing, I see first hand how eager executive management can be to outsource/offshore as many tasks as possible to save a few dollars.

When researching this topic I came across many tips on how to get laid off. Many of these tips were awful. Such as, be annoying or be messy. The guidance I did receive that seemed constructive was the idea of discussing the company’s staffing levels with your manager.

Essentially, it follows these steps:

  1. Sympathize with your manager how hard it must be to downsize or reduce headcount (especially when it seems like the workload is ever-increasing)
  2. Explain how you’re willing to sacrifice your position because you’d prefer to be let go rather than have someone else (who may need the job) be laid off
  3. Emphasize during the end of the discussion that with this loss you’d like to receive severance pay
  4. Negotiate the amount of severance pay if applicable

Your manager will be grateful that you came to them. They’ll most likely be relieved that they have at least one easy way to reduce headcount, you!


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