Snooping into our backpacks

Everyone wants to know how one can pack for a multi-year backpacking trip. Here’s the inside scoop and a look into what we packed into our bags.

Audrey’s Bag

2 button-up short sleeve dri-wick shirts, 4 t-shirts, 5 tanks (shirts double as sleepwear)


2 shorts, 1 skirt, 1 pair athletic shorts, 1 black stretch capri (athletic shorts and capri doubles as sleepwear)


2 Merino wool shirts, 1 cardigan sweater for layering, 1 long sleeved tee, 1 dri-wick athletic shirt *Last minute ditched second long sleeved tee and athletic shirt for space



2 travel dresses


1 pair of nice jeans (can be rolled up as capris), 1 trekker dri-wick trekker pants (also converts into capris), 1 black pair of linen dress pants, 1 pair of Victoria Secret yoga pants (can be used as athletic wear or sleepwear) *Last minute ditched second dri-wick hiking pants for space


2 bras and variety of undies (8 pairs)


1 trail liner socks, 2 merino wool hiking socks, 3 pair of athletic socks, 1 black NuFeet  (slipper/ballet flats)


1 Ghost Whisperer jacket, one pair gloves and hat


2 bikinis and one beach cover up (can also be worn as dress with capris)


5 pairs shoes (yes, that’s a lot) – 1 Keen trail runner/hiking shoe, 1 gym shoe, 1 pair Bokos sandals (for beach and communal showers/slippers), 1 Tom’s, 1 Athletic Teva sandals


Columbia rain coat

Harry’s Bag

3 white socks, 1 hiking liner socks, 1 Darn Tough light hiker crew, 1 black socks, 1 Darn Tough light hiker quarter


Winter hat, gloves, ear muffs


2 white crew shirts


Rain coat, Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer


3 Button-up short sleeve shirts


1 long-sleeve t-shirt, 1 dri-wick athletic shirt


2 long-sleeve button-ups


4 Underwear


3 short-sleeve t-shirts


2 swim trunks


Jeans, Convertible pants, Khakis


4 Shorts


Bokos flip-flops, Asics, Keens hiking shoes


Communal Items

Hats, 2 water bottles, money belt, 1 laundry rope, 1 travel curling iron, 1 roll duct tape (heard this is a must!), 2 bandannas, waterproof camera container,  bag of ear plugs, knee braces and wrap (we have terrible knees), water purifying kit, carabiners, mini flashlights, and extra batteries


iPad Mini 2, Asus T100 Notebook/Tablet, Go Pro Black Hero 3+ and Accessories, Magellan Geocaching GPS, Electric Adapters, Mini Flashlights, Bag of Extra Batteries (one set), Mofoto Tripod (best lightweight we could find), USB extender, JBL wireless speaker, MP3 players and headphones, and Sony RX100-2 (rated one of the top point and shoot cameras)


Not Pictured – Toiletry bags, medicine bag, makeup bag, add’l crap, you get the picture.


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  1. loved reading this post! i’ve been wondering what you guys would bring for a long time….audrey, can’t believe all the shoes!! i would have struggled to narrow that one down too 🙂 ….look forward to maybe additional posts in the future speaking to whether you think your packing decisions were spot on, or if you’d have made different choices

  2. First of all, I cannot believe you managed to fit all that in. Secondly there are duplicates that seem ridiculous – like bikinis. (huh?) And then underwear: surely 1 on, 1 being washed, and 1 spare is enough? And the shoes! Boggle. I am amazed. What did all of that weigh? All I can say is you really need medals for carrying all of that. And you don’t mention the food which you must have had as well. And for this WHW did you B&B or kip somewhere in the fields? (which I think is frowned upon in the UK). But the video is lovely. I loved the views of rolling hills with clouds making shadows on the fields. And the inlets with lots of small islands. Did you find time to stop and talk to sheep? (3m41s). I would have done twice the distance with having to climb to the top of many hills to see the view. And that ferry notice is priceless! It obviously works very well. Actually I wondered if you encountered anyone doing it on horseback. Couldn’t think of anything nicer.

    1. Helen,
      I may also send this to your email address to answer all your great questions! We are currently on a round the world backpacking trip, so this post shows everything we brought with us on our journey. On the hike, we traveled light and used a luggage transfer service to handle all our gear so we could only walk with the necessities. We have another post that shows exactly how we did the walk with lots of tips and information. What is great about the WHW is that you stay in lodging along the route making it easy for non campers (like us!) We saw lots of horse poop, but never any horseback riders. However, there are days that the terrain would not work for horses! It’s too rugged, rocky, and steep. And yes, we did enjoy the sheep, but were disappointed we didn’t see any Scottish Highlanders. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. After two years on the road, what would you pack differently. More or less of? Add into your pack that you did not think. We are putting together our lists now. Just got our 1st Pacsafe 65L!!!!

    1. Hi guys,

      You know what? Generally I think we did pretty good with our packing. Three months in, we had the opportunity to meet with our family that took a few items back with them….a pair of shoes that hurt and my curling iron (stupid to bring that!). Other than that, the contents of our pack haven’t changed much. We spent a lot of time figuring out what we wanted and needed and we don’t regret anything on our packing list!

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