Antarctica or Bust!

Our Ship – The Sea Adventurer

In about one hour, we will embark on our Antarctica voyage aboard the Sea Adventurer. We are excited and ready. I have been really anxious these last couple days. Harry keeps telling me, “If Kate Upton can do it, you could do it.” I am using that as my tackling fuel.

We said prayers that our ship doesn’t end up like the one behind us!

In a few days, I will have completed one of my life goals. To set foot on all seven continents. I wonder how I will feel when I finally step on that ice? Of course we will have our cameras running so that we will have lots of fun footage to share.

Thanks again to all our family, friends, and followers along who have been supporting our dreams and watching us live this crazy adventure. We’ll be off the grid for awhile. Next time you hear from us, we’ll be proud members of the Seven Continent Club!

Love, Audrey & Harry

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  1. I see you are with Quark. Fantastic! I went with them to Falklands, South Georgia (highlight) and Antarctica in Nov/Dec 2006 and had a life-changing experience. The whole way they do it is top notch and you meet so many lovely like-minded people. I came back with 11 full discs of pics and videos, so I hope you have planned accordingly. I will be eagerly waiting for your feedback.

    1. Helen, yes we agree! Quark Expeditions was a lovely company to explore Antarctica with. Even the food was amazing. Currently being backpackers, we were very much spoiled on this trip and had trouble returning to backpacker life! We too took lots of videos and pictures and the team sent us home with a disk loaded with pictures from all the travelers which was an excellent bonus. There were great pictures of us on there that other travelers took! When we came back to Ushuaia we sent our disk and Quark jackets back home. Before sealing the box, we bought our own special Antarctica patches that we will place on our jacket sleeves! We’ll definitely have some fun accessories to come home too when we return.

  2. hi, did you see the “midnight sun” in antarctica? so i’ve heard about “flat earth society”. I dont know if the earth is flat or its a globe. if you have experienced 24 hours sunlight then its the proof of the earth being a sphere. i see all your Youtube channel, im a big fan and i trust your honesty. im waiting for your answer. thanks

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