South American Wine Country Budget Travel Guide

Come BS with us as we explore South American Wine Country. Topics include great budget savvy ways to spend your time when visiting the Argentine and Chilean wine regions. Of course, we also talk about visiting Mendoza and the Colchagua Valley! Some of the additional topics include dying of thirst in the Patagonian desert, rooftop bubble baths, and dinosaurs. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

0 thoughts on “South American Wine Country Budget Travel Guide”

  1. glad you guys seemed to enjoy wine country so much! was a little foreign to me, but i do have a few comments below:
    1. i’m surprised there was a comment about JR stealing the wine barrels and sending them to Chicago….would have thought he’d send them back to Utah or your future beautiful mountain lodge?! 🙂
    2. really liked the dinosaur bones photo
    3. Audrey, i just recently discovered i have the syndrome “DTD.” perhaps you have it too (with your sense of directions!) ha ha, probably not as bad as i have it though. anyway, funny story!
    4. funny gecko pic!! bet that made your day seeing that
    5. i rode boxes up a mountain before too. it was really fun. i didn’t know that was the technical term for it though.
    6. ps i noticed episode 9 was missing also :)~ do i get a cookie?

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