Best Travel Guide To Do Borneo on a Budget

Come BS with us as we explore Borneo. Topics include great budget savvy ways to see the Borneo Big 5. Of course, we also talk about living through the largest earthquake in the area in nearly 40 years. Some additional topics include: Orangutans Gone Wild, visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre & Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, pirates, and figuring out how to pronounce the word Orangutan. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

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  1. 1. glad you got to go to your #3 destination Audrey! i know how you love those critters! 2. i just LOVE the noses of those monkeys! ha ha, too cute 3. i am not one tiny bit surprised in your luck in seeing those orangutans! ….always the Lesner Luck! (and remember your luck in seeing that wildlife kill in Africa?!) 4. glad you guys decided to be lazy and not climb that mountain too 5. fun episode! loved the footage :D~

    1. Yes, any travel destination with wildlife is a definitely a travel perk. I really enjoyed Borneo and glad we stumbled across that affordable jungle camp. Malaysia was pretty awesome!

    2. I do remember that kill in Africa! In fact, I’m kinda missing animals and wildlife these days! Not much to be found here in Europe, except for the scorpion we found this week in our hallway! Gross!

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