Find your inner MacGyver with Escape Mania – Belgrade

Did you ever do something so great that all you wanted to do was get other people to do it, so you could share the excitement? That is exactly how we felt after completing one of the hottest new activities to hit the heart of Belgrade – Escape Mania!

As we have been traveling through Europe, we’ve been hearing some buzz about escape games in various cities. We really weren’t sure what they were all about and decided to contact Escape Mania to give it a go!

Live out your real MacGyver at Escape Mania – Belgrade

The night of our reservation, we arrived to the building the game was housed in. We climbed up an old staircase, followed the signs, and proceeded through the door pointing to the entrance. The door behind us locked and closed, and we found ourselves in a dimly lit, creepy room.

BOOM! The game had already begun! WHAT?!

For the next hour, we laughed. We swore like sailors. We stood in silence. We may have nearly cried there for a minute. We forced our brains to work MacGyver style, because frankly, we just hadn’t had to think like that in a while.

Creepy, intense, with sensory overload…Welcome to the Voodoo Tales Room!

We’d love to describe our Voodoo Tales Room in depth, but players are sworn to secrecy not to ruin it for future gamers. What we can say is that it is a live action, interactive game, which requires you to use all your senses and critical thinking skills to try to escape from your surroundings in 60 minutes or less. After experiencing it once, we’re officially addicted!

I’m sure by now, it’s no surprise we highly recommend Escape Mania. So grab your most clever family members, partner, or friends and head out to Escape Mania. And the good news? The Robin Hood Room just opened for another new challenge!

Players Note: We made it out in 1:07 with a lot of help. How’d you do?  Feel free to brag in the comments below.

Special thanks to our friends at Escape Mania for hosting us and providing THE most brilliant hour spent in Belgrade!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun!! I checked out all the area escape rooms and the most interesting is in Detroit…ZOMBIE! Love the idea of a “real-life” zombie chained to the wall, and every 5 minutes he is released another foot. At 60 minutes he will be released far enough to EAT anyone remaining in the room. Moo ooh ah ah ah!!! Can’t wait 😀

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