Travel Guide: Episode 14 -Going Beyond Patong; Thailand

Come BS with us as we explore Thailand. Topics include great budget savvy ways to experience the island of Phuket. Of course, we share our travel secret as to how we experienced Ko Phi Phi Beach in peaceful serenity. Some additional topics include: our favorite hidden gem restaurant, getting away from the typical backpacker route in Patong, how to score a $6 USD scooter rental, celebrating Songkran, and figuring out how to stay alive in one of the most unregulated countries for tourists. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….


One thought on “Travel Guide: Episode 14 -Going Beyond Patong; Thailand”

  1. Lots of great information here…first, i can’t believe you guys braved the heat like that, but if you spend so much time on beaches, i bet it wasn’t too bad!! And i like the idea of warm bath water swimming 🙂 second, sounds like a lot of dangers to be wary of, so thanks for all the great tips! looked beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! and how very lucky to be present during their New Year. don’t you just love those great unexpected surprises you find while traveling? sometimes they can be the great memories. i remembered that photo of you guys at the top of the hill with that Bhuda. for some reason it’s always been one of my favorite photos 😀 thanks for the adventure. i think if we ever go to thailand to explore, i’ll definitely have to refer back to this vlog!

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