“Get A Taste” of Prague With EATING PRAGUE TOURS!

Come sample the local culture of Czech’s culinary tradition and experience Eating Prague with The BS Travelers!

As foodies, we know that tradition and culture is often most strongly represented in a country’s food scene. What better way to “get a taste” of a new city than to explore with knowledgeable, local guides? That’s the value of touring with Eating Prague! This immersive video brings to life the culinary spirit of Prague, one of Europe’s best preserved cities. Together, with new friends, we explore the restaurants, bistros, and cafes that locals enjoy, as we venture through quaint and charming neighborhoods. Learn about Prague’s fascinating history all while enjoying its energetic vibe of today.

Special thanks to our fellow foodie friends at Eating Europe for hosting us and bringing my Bohemian heritage alive with Eating Prague! Oh, and thanks for my new gingerbread kolache addiction too. 😉

0 thoughts on ““Get A Taste” of Prague With EATING PRAGUE TOURS!”

  1. this was an AMAZING video!! great job….if i ever open a restaurant i am hiring YOU GUYS to advertise for me! 😀 i will privately message you to learn more about this tour. will be something we will have to hit up if we visit prague soon!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! We spent 3 months in Prague in 2014 and will be back in a few weeks. Look forward to seeing the city again and eating some of its delicacies!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. Frank, saw you guys are hitting up the gym in Budapest, but we found a pretty good burger place in Prague! It’s called BarFud and it’s the burger place we’ve been craving since we left the States!

    1. Yes, it definitely seems like college burger bar. But they have a LA Grilled Veggie sandwich, smoked salmon burger, burritos with beans and veggies, and loaded grilled cheese….so there are vegetarian options! I’m going to add this place to our local eats post now. When I walked in, I was unsure, but the service was great, food delicious, and I knew it was clean because the bathrooms smelled like bleach! We enjoyed it very much!

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