Our Prague Pad – Budget Beds

After being nomads for so long, the one thing we sometimes miss is having a cozy place to come home to after a long day of touring. We love sharing the great, budget beds we find. As we often say, finding ways to fill travel days is the easy part! It’s the logistics, such as lodging and transportation, that are always the challenge.

Below you can view our quickie clip of our awesome “Prague Pad.” This is where we spent 19 nights after exploring one of Europe’s most beloved cities. This apartment was so clean, it literally sparkled upon our arrival. At $42 USD a night, this felt like a home away from home, and offered more value than the budget chain hotel that we saw advertised at 80€ a night.

💰 B$ Tip – We often negotiate rates with our Airbnb hosts. That is why our daily rate is lower than what is posted on the listing. Our full review is also on the apartment’s listing site.


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