BS Trip Clips – Slovenia

As our remaining EU days were coming to an end, we decided to travel from Italy to our 49th country, Slovenia. This country is very much under the radar.  It has so much beautiful scenery to offer to those that visit. The landscape, which consists of rivers, canyons, quaint cobblestone squares, and snow-capped mountains was absolutely fantastic!

We used Ljubljana as our home base and stayed in a lovely Airbnb apartment. Our favorite stop was our day trip to Lake Bled, which lies at the foot of the Julian Alps. To get there, we purchased tickets from the local bus station in Ljubljana and made the 1.5 hour drive. For budget travelers wishing to experience Europe’s Alps, Slovenia delivers the dramatic landscapes without breaking the bank. We ended up paying approximately $48 per night for a 1 bedroom apartment in Ljubljana!

“Prancercise. I’ve got my ankle weights in place and my music’s ready. So lets stop talking and do some walking.” – Joanna Rohrback


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