Travel Guide: Bosnia & Herzegovina Day Trip – Itinerary from Croatia

Mostar, Bosnia was always on our list of cities to visit. So when our friends (who we lovingly call our “Croatian cousins”) proposed the idea of day tripping through Bosnia, we immediately agreed. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, traveling with locals who know the area is one of the greatest travel blessings for any traveler! In one day, we stopped at four great sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Coming from Split, this is a great day trip itinerary to explore some of this country’s cultural and natural highlights.

Note: we left in the morning around 10:30 am and returned around 11:00 pm. This is a full day tour! We brought lunches and enjoyed a light dinner of some local Cevapi while in Mostar.

Stop 1: Kravica Falls

Walk the short trail and if it’s warm enough (or if you’re brave enough), take a dip in the cooling waters of the falls. There is a cafe and picnic area. Admission Price: 4 KM, 16 kuna, or about 2 € per person.

Stop 2: Pocitelj

This charming village is a great place to stop and stretch your legs. The Hajji Alija Mosque (admission fee), bell tower, the Neretva River, and medieval fortress provide breathtaking views from the silo-shaped fort at the top of the hill. There are small cafes to enjoy a cappuccino, light lunch, or cool beverage. Walk the stands of locals selling homemade goods and fresh seasonal fruit. There was no cost to explore the fort.

Stop 3: Mostar

Mostar is one intriguing and picturesque city. The symbol of the city is the beautiful Stari Most, or “Old Bridge.” For centuries, the city has been religiously divided with Catholics on one side and Muslims on the other. It’s interesting to see how the two religions merge as you hear the call to prayer announced from the speakers, all while crosses stand at the top of the mountain peaks in the backdrop.

One of the most noteworthy experiences is to watch the famous bridge jumpers make the daring leap from the height of 24 m (78 ft. 9 in).

💰 BS Travel Tip!  For some of the best views of the bridge jumpers while enjoying an authentic Turkish coffee experience, head to Caffe Čardack, otherwise known as the diver’s club-room. Our waiter was super friendly and he provided us some history and fascinating facts as we chatted over our traditionally prepared drinks.

Sip your Turkish coffee or tea, with complimentary local sweets, from the watchtower right beside the bridge.

Stop Four: Medjugorie

Coming from a Catholic upbringing, we all decided to end our day at this Holy Site. Those who are believers and/or curious about the story, will appreciate the peaceful and spiritual surroundings of where the Virgin Mary appeared to the local children in 1981. In the darkness we trekked our way up the hill to the actual apparition site. Many make the sharp, rocky climb barefoot. Check out the statue of “Jesus Leaving The Cross” located behind the St. James Church. Some claim this is the site of a miracle. See it and decide for yourself.

Please enjoy our highlight reel to watch us in action!

💰 BS Travel Tips!

  • Don’t forget to bring your passports. Remember you’re crossing over borders!
  • We traveled by our friend’s car and used the toll roads. Bring money for tolls.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina accepts many currencies including Euros, Croatian kunas, and Bosnian marks.

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  1. Oh my gosh this looks like an amazing day trip! Love the photos and travel tips. Glad you have croatian cousins that you can show you around like that! Great photos….be sure to post more personal ones (with all of you included) if you can!

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