Bulgaria – Travel Guide to Explore Europe’s Outdoor Adventureland

For our first full day in our 50th country, we needed a little adventure! We reached out to REFLIP to explore more of Bulgaria’s wild side and get a taste of the awesome outdoor adventure that lies in the Struma River Gorge.

On weekends, the people of Sofia flee the city and spend their days enjoying the country’s vast wilderness. Can we be honest? We really had no idea what Bulgaria looked like. Once we arrived, we were totally blown away. Mountains, rivers, and canyons paint the backdrop to a country that may wish to continue to stay on the down low. However, once travelers start realizing all the beauty and outdoor activities that Bulgaria has to offer, mass tourism is going to take off big time!


REFLIP specializes in rafting and kayaking. They also have opportunities for zip-lining and canyoning. Their rafting season starts in April and runs through July when the river is at it’s deepest levels for the most optimal ride. The tour lasts for about 3 hours and the rafting center is located about 2 hours outside of Sofia. After 15 years on the river, they know their stuff!

We invite you to enjoy our VLOG highlighting our day spent with REFLIP.

If life begins at the end of your comfort zone, maybe it’s time you got out of yours!

Shout out to Spasi & Vesko for an amazing day full of adventure exploring Bulgaria’s wild country! Thanks REFLIP!

18 thoughts on “Bulgaria – Travel Guide to Explore Europe’s Outdoor Adventureland”

  1. Oh my gosh you guys that looks amazing! Guess I’m going to have to flag this country. …and this company as a must visit location in the future! It looked absolutely beautiful! Also congrats to your 50th country (WOW!) and awesome job audrey on that scary jump! 😀

  2. I am reading this after several days of hiking in some of Bulgaria’s beautiful forests in Belogradchik and near Rila, Sapareva Banya, and Beli Iskar. Bulgaria has an embarrassment of riches in natural beauty and I’m always torn between hoping the country gets the attention it deserves and being glad not to see it overrun by tourists.

      1. No probs! You seemed to have great fun so why not share your joy? 😉 Beside I really want to show people have many opportunists there are in Bulgaria

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