Best Romania Travel Guide 2017

I’m sitting here with piles of old tourist maps and travel guides scattered in front of me on the table. The maps are covered with x’s of attractions visited, and the photos are all of familiar places where our path has already crossed.

For weeks, I’ve been trying to scrounge up the desire to write about our time in Romania. Anyone paying close enough attention may notice that my last post left off in Bucharest, where I tried to offer my best advice to how to enjoy the city. Throughout our travels, we’ve always tried to be truthful and honest on our reflections of a country.

Right now, I just feel stuck.

After all the scandal and ridicule we faced from our vlogs, my heart just isn’t into it. Every time I reflect on our time in Romania, honestly, I just laugh. Rather than inspire others by writing about the beautiful Corvin Castle or the charming city of Brasov, I think about how another woman told me she wished I was raped and that my body would be dragged through the street by my hair. I think about all the death threats and the fact that many Romanians told us to “stay the f*ck out of my country.”

Our Route

Bucharest ➡️ Brasov ➡️ Sibiu ➡️ Deva (Day Trip to Hunedoara) ➡️Cluj-Napoca➡️ Iasi

And now my task as travel blogger is to conjure up inspiring, elegant words about my time in Romania? I just don’t have it in me, or honestly, the desire to.

imageThis is what travel blogging has come down to and why it sucks. Any time you have a logical, honest opinion that doesn’t fit with the typical politically correct “utopian agenda,” you’re labeled by some as a bigot, an ignorant racist, or a fat, ugly American. This small group of irrational people would rather have us create another bland PC article, as if the world needs yet another “Top 10 Things to Do” post.

Fat, ugly Americans in Europe. We’d rather be hated for who we are, than loved for what we are not. – The Budget Savvy Travelers

So for now, we have decided to close the chapter on our time in Romania. I will leave a gaping hole in our blog where our time in Romania would have been documented in written form.

But in true BS Traveler style, we shall give ourselves the last laugh. Because in our life, we get through difficult, stressful situations with sarcasm and dark humor. It’s not everyone’s way, but it’s OUR way. We are documenting OUR travels and experiences from OUR perspective, no one else’s.

So here’s your warning. If you are a highly sensitive, easily offended, and everything needs to be shrouded in flowery, politically correct wording, then this video is NOT for you. But if you would like to know about some of our time in Romania, without further ado we proudly present:

For all of our full length vlogs from Romania see below:

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  1. Amen sister! Great post. I appreciate the honesty bc i want to know what to expect when i travel. Lies do not help!

  2. So I get the impression you didn’t enjoy Romania as a travel stop. On the bright side it was very entertaining to watch.

  3. I have never read any of the replies you’ve got… and I do not get it… why do you keep coming back to your time spent in Romania? No one represents a general opinion, though both you and your listeners think they do. Let’s move on!

  4. As someone who lives in Romania and has to deal with this kind of stuff everyday, I found your video insightful and honest. I travelled to Deva last year on my way to Hunedoara and the state of the train was, of course, appalling. The price, however, could have bought me a low cost plane ticket somewhere across the borders. And this is just one example. Honestly speaking, most Romanians should be quite aware that our tourism infrastructure kinda sucks. But I guess it’s pretty hard to accept that and easier to blame it on others.

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