Travel Guide: Exploring Antarctica – Welcome to the 7th continent club

I write this with tears in my eyes. We proudly present our most wonderful journey to our last, final continent. Many who venture to Antarctica are often overcome with emotion because it is such a unique, beautiful, indescribable place. On this journey we were surrounded by a young woman battling cancer, older folks on their last great adventure, and other backpackers taking a risky chance by living life in a less conventional way.

I feel so blessed to say that I have met my life goal to set foot on all 7 continents. It is an incredible feeling, but leaves me deeply wondering what is next for me? What goal will I now set before myself to achieve? This was almost was too easy.

If you take the six minutes to watch this video, you’ll see in my face the happiness that this experience has given me. A lifelong goal being achieved before your eyes.

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Please, if you have something that is deeply burning deep inside you to complete, set the wheels in motion today. If we could do it, so can you! Just today, someone asked us, “So, is everything you did worth it?” And we quickly, without thought, immediately answered, “Yes!” Because how could taking this amazing adventure not be? We are living a dream that sometimes we don’t feel worthy to be given.

I’d like to thank my husband who painstakingly went through hours of video footage to create this, and all of our other videos. I think you have a new calling as a cinematographer or producer. Our story will be forever documented for us to relive so we’ll never forget the epic adventure we shared together. I love you forever. Thank you for sharing this beautiful life with me. And to everyone else, continued thanks for following along.


4 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Exploring Antarctica – Welcome to the 7th continent club”

  1. Audrey i feel like you’ve become quite the little ham on these videos! Made me giggle with all your silly little walks and dances 🙂 You guys–it looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! ….and when the sun came out it seemed magical. gave me chills just viewing your footage. i cannot imagine what it must have been like to have actually been there. i am so happy for you that you were able to fulfill your dream. what a wonderful accomplishment! XOXO

    1. Setting a goal is the first step in making a dream a reality! Let us know if we could help or share any tips! Thanks for the nice compliment on our video. It’s our favorite travel “souvenir.”

  2. Loved the video guys!! Absolutely enjoyed every second (except the way Americans pronounce Antarctica Hahahaha). I’ve been following your adventure for a while now and I’ve only just come across this post and wanted to say that you are very inspiring to me. A true credit to all travellers. Keep doing what you’re doing! P.S those mega waves would’ve sent me loopy. It’s my only big fear.

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