Hiking and Exploring Taroko Gorge National Park

There is truth that photography can inspire in just one shot. One day I came across a photo that put my wanderlust on full throttle. It was of a misty, mountainous landscape with a turquoise river running under huge marble cliffs. I showed it to Harry and said, “I want to go here!” This was the moment we decided to visit the stunning country of Taiwan.

The photo was taken in Taiwan’s Taroko National Park. Specifically, at Taroko Gorge, which is actually Taiwan’s top tourist destination. It is known to be the deepest marble canyon in the world. Many people come here to explore the breathtaking scenery and to spend the day hiking the various trails that are in the park.

As we began our research, we learned of the Zhuilu Old Trail Hike within the national park. For adventurers, scenery seekers, and hikers, this is the premier trail of choice. The hike is 6.2 km (round trip) and accessible by permit only to avoid crowding on the narrow trails and dangerous sheer cliffs.

After learning that there was paperwork and pre-registration involved to be allowed to hike, we reached out to EyeTravelTaiwan to help us organize our day. The team simplified our day by retrieving the permits, taking care of all our transport to/from our accommodations in Hualien, and safely guiding us on the hike. They even provided safety equipment and hiking poles.


We also have to give extra props to our guide William, who only made our day even more memorable. He was enthusiastic, silly, and just went above and beyond throughout the entire day. In true Taiwanese hospitality, he served as our personal photographer, served up hot coffee at the lunch stop, and treated us out for a special treat, a Taiwanese pancake, following the hike!

Because you really have to see it to believe it, check out our vlog below showcasing our day hiking the Zhuilu Old Trail.

As avid hikers, this was one of the best day hikes we have ever done in our life. We spent the day trekking in awe-inspiring scenery, crossing over suspension bridges, and getting an adrenaline rush from walking the narrow paths along sheer cliff drops. As animal lovers, we kept our eyes open for local wildlife throughout the trek. During our hike we spotted the macaque monkey, and many local bird species including the Mountain Scops Owl.

Overall, hiking the Zhuilu Old Trail with EyeTravelTaiwan was the highlight of our tour of Taiwan. If you have any questions or are considering hiking this trail yourself, feel free to reach out. We’ll be happy to provide insight and recommendations!

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  1. You know these photos give me chills!! I want so badly to go there some day. ..thanks for being my inspiration for yet another bad ass hiking opportunity!!! 😀

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