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How Much We Spent to Travel The World for 2 Years

Many long-term travelers do not disclose their financial information to their followers. This makes it even more challenging for future travelers to plan their own RTW trip. Finances always seem to be a very private subject. However, throughout our RTW trip, we have always been very transparent with our budget so that other couples embarking on this type of travel could have a useful resource to plan accordingly. Continue reading How Much We Spent to Travel The World for 2 Years

Almost Detained, Still Following the Law!

We are writing this post back in the loving arms of our favorite EU country, Croatia, after what could have been one of our very worst and expensive travel days. Today, our train came to the Slovenia/Croatia border and we were threatened by 5 immigration officers with detainment. Never lackadaisical about travel planning, it was one of those surreal moments where one thinks, “How could this even be happening? TO US?!”

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Managing Money Abroad

During our travels, we’ve had many people reach out to us asking how we manage our money and carry out our daily finances as long term travelers. In this post, we will share our tips to help you organize and plan your money matters, so you can spend less time financial planning and more time on the exciting ventures, such as determining your destinations!

Let us preface this information by stressing that in order to stay informed on the latest programs and offers, we’re constantly comparing the programs we use against such sites as bankrate, nerdwallet, thepointsguy, etc.

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