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Best Romania Travel Guide 2017

I’m sitting here with piles of old tourist maps and travel guides scattered in front of me on the table. The maps are covered with x’s of attractions visited, and the photos are all of familiar places where our path has already crossed.

For weeks, I’ve been trying to scrounge up the desire to write about our time in Romania. Anyone paying close enough attention may notice that my last post left off in Bucharest, where I tried to offer my best advice to how to enjoy the city. Throughout our travels, we’ve always tried to be truthful and honest on our reflections of a country.

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Best Travel Guide Bucharest, Romania – Things To Do

Bucharest is the first city that Harry and I were in disagreement about as a travel couple. He liked the energy of the Old Town, variety of restaurant options, and the historic architecture. But for me, I had difficulty enjoying the crowded streets, noisy traffic, and the party scene. In addition, it was hard to avoid the abundance of homeless men which were always doing nasty things like drinking while sitting in their own vomit, publicly urinating, and picking on their seeping leg wounds. I joked that maybe if I only looked up, maybe I’d like the city more. Maybe that’s why so many of my favorite activities took my feet off the ground.

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