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I’d love to travel the world but what about…

As we have slowly come out of the career break closet it’s been highly amusing for us to hear questions from family and friends about:

  • What we’re planning on doing with our things
  • How we’re going to cope with the change of a RTW trip
  • What we’re going to miss about our former lives

Essentially, through their questions, we’re hearing the reasons why the idea of long-term travel seems so out of reach. Continue reading I’d love to travel the world but what about…

Don’t Wait to Live Your Cancer Days

Recently, I lost a cousin of mine. He was a father of four, happily married and still young at age 45.  He suddenly passed away at home while watching a Blackhawks game with his family.  After tragic events such as these, thoughts of death and “the end” are fresh on the mind. In the sermons and speeches that followed, we heard reflections of a man’s life with underlying messages of “live life to the fullest” and “you never know when it will be your time.” Continue reading Don’t Wait to Live Your Cancer Days

Our RTW Dream Walk

“Hi, it’s Jimmy!! If you can dream it, you can do it!!” ~ Jimmy MacElroy from Blades of Glory

This post is directed towards friends and family members who may not encourage or embrace your decision for a career break. Continue reading Our RTW Dream Walk