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It’s time to get uncomfortable

As travelers we know that there are going to be many uncomfortable nights tossing and turning. After all, we’re lying on an unfamiliar bed with our head on a paper thin pillow. About three months ago, I began preaching to Audrey that we needed to start making our lives much more uncomfortable. Forcing ourselves to live uncomfortably would help the transition to life on the road. After the last few weeks, it’s fair to say that my mission is accomplished! Continue reading It’s time to get uncomfortable

RTW trip leads to Precious Moments

For most people, a trip around the world would emphasize the importance of the shortness of life, how big risk can equal big reward, and how precious moments are. But today, I am speaking of Precious Moments in the literal sense. And you know what? They aren’t all  that they’re cracked up to be! I feel for all those kids who were “promised” the gift of great wealth, but who ended up with a ceramic doll made in Taiwan. Continue reading RTW trip leads to Precious Moments

You may get lost but you’ll never get stuck

At least not in Audrey’s Jeep.

It comes with bittersweetness that I announce that Audrey has listed her Jeep for sale. If interested you can view it on AutoTrader. We’re willing to autograph the seats (for a small one time fee + royalty). If you’re not looking to buy a car at this time we’re also willing to drive you around your neighborhood for $5 per day. We’ll pretend we’re your chauffeur and you can go around throwing change at the kids hangin’ out on your turf. Continue reading You may get lost but you’ll never get stuck