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Travel Guide: Episode 9 – South American Wine Country

Come BS with us as we explore South American Wine Country. Topics include great budget savvy ways to spend your time when visiting the Argentine and Chilean wine regions. Of course, we also talk about visiting Mendoza and the Colchagua Valley! Some of the additional topics include dying of thirst in the Patagonian desert, rooftop bubble baths, and dinosaurs. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

Episode 8 – Patagonia

Come BS with us as we explore Patagonia. Topics include great budget savvy ways to spend your time when visiting Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, El Calafate, El Chaltén , Bariloche, and San Martín de los Andes. Of course, we also talk about visiting Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno glacier! Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

Thanks for your patience as we were off the grid in the Cook Islands and had to deal with New Zealand’s ancient internet rules (needing costly vouchers and only given brief allotments of free wifi). Now in Sydney, our fifth continent on this RTW, we will be posting all the great budget savvy travel posts and vlogs that we have worked on in the last 50 days!

Podcast Episode 1-5: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Come BS with us as we explore Buenos Aires. Topics include money saving tips, highlights from the city, great eats and underground treats.


Travel Guide for Mendoza, Argentina

In Mendoza, we set out for quality, not quantity. Our goal was to enjoy a winery or two, then enjoy lunches with mountainous vineyard views. At first, figuring out logistics here was overwhelming. In our research, many previous backpackers blogged about how they splurged by succumbing to a private tour. We even considered it! However, <private tours> here are ungodly expensive ranging from $160-$190 USD per person! And with two weeks in this area, and 3 wine regions to cover, we had the time to figure out how to be a bit more budget savvy.

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Travel Guide: Wine explorers itinerary in Patagonia – Río Negro and San Patricio del Chañar

We’ve always found ourselves in wine country during our travels. Sure, it’s not whitewater rafting or sky diving, but wine exploration is one of our favorite types of adventure. There’s something amazing about sitting among beautful vineyards while enjoying a nice glass of wine. While Malbec will always play an important role in Patagonian wine, it is the production of Pinot Noir that got us interested in exploring the region. If you ever come across a Pinot Noir from Neuquén or the Río Negro we encourage you to give it a try. Continue reading Travel Guide: Wine explorers itinerary in Patagonia – Río Negro and San Patricio del Chañar

San Martin de Los Andes – Hotel Intermonti

The short video below provides a great overview of the town and area. It was developed by the tourism board of San Martin de Los Andes. However, Harry reported that he did not see one woman walking around in a teeny-tiny bikini.

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Travel Guide: Patagonia Cheat Sheet – Budget Savvy Tips and Itinerary

Back when we worked to travel, spending lots of cash in a short amount of time to make the most of our holidays, we aggressively planned almost every minute of our time away. On a RTW trip, we’ve accepted that days move along too fast to have every detail planned. Continue reading Travel Guide: Patagonia Cheat Sheet – Budget Savvy Tips and Itinerary

“Blown away” by Patagonia

After Antarctica, the B$ Travelers have been busy making their way north up through the beautiful mountainous regions of Patagonia. Check out how they handle the high winds of Patagonia. Footage includes Torres Del Paine, Punta Arenas, and Puerto Natales.

Iguazu Falls – Private Cabana – Cabanas San Andres

Our Cabana
Our Cabana

Being more independent type travelers, we opted for a few days in our own private cabana rather than staying in a hostel in Puerto Iguazu. Costs with the current blue rate were approximately $60 USD per night. The property features a pool and private patio outside your cabana. There was lots of space, a kitchen with very basic cooking supplies, and a TV with about two English speaking channels. Despite a few set backs, (see below review) at least it was nice to have our own private space with room to breathe. Rooms included daily cleaning service, with fresh towels, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Continue reading Iguazu Falls – Private Cabana – Cabanas San Andres

Retiro stay when your busing away!

During our Argentina travels, Buenos Aires served as a hub when traveling to Uruguay and Puerto Iguazu. We stayed in Retiro for one night as a layover between the ferry and heading north to Puerto Iguazu via the bus terminal. We stayed <here> for $67 per night. A bit expensive but it was conveniently located within walking distance to both the ferry and bus terminal, saving us cab fare. Continue reading Retiro stay when your busing away!

Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Sneak Peak

Take a sneak peak of our boat tour of Iguazu Falls prior to the next episode. Remember, the best way to see the falls…is to get into the falls!


Travel Guide: La Boca, Buenos Aires

Your host Audrey explores La Boca with Tomas from Bonaventura Trips.

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 5

Come BS with us as we continue to explore Buenos Aires, Argentina during our 4th week in the city. Topics include great budget savvy ways to spend your birthday, local parillas, dulce de leche, closed door restaurants, Fuerza Bruta, and the Costanera Sur ecological reserve. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires Budget Travel Tips

Since we’ve began following the concept of a RTW trip, Harry and I have always thought, “We don’t care how many beds you’ve slept in, how much came out of YOUR personal wallet spent a month, what your general opinion is of a particular city, etc.” We always wished people would share their secrets. Like you know what would be more meaningful? DETAILS! If you found some places that are a great value for the dollar, share with others! You stayed in a great apartment? Where?! You did a great tour that was worth the money? With who?! You found an fun attraction that didn’t break the bank? Do tell! Continue reading Travel Guide: Buenos Aires Budget Travel Tips

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: Bonaventura Trips

Some of the biggest events of our life have been spent on the water. Even a portion of our wedding day was spent on a yacht! Therefore, we decided to book a river excursion to celebrate our 9 year anniversary and we ended up with a great anniversary gift…our very first partnership! We spent the day out on the Buenos Aires Delta with Bonaventura Trips. Our local guide, Tomas Hughes showed us an awesome time out on the river! Here’s the link to our full day of adventure and fun with Bonaventura Trips! Come watch our video link! We highly recommend this tour!

Bariloche – Our home for the holidays

Situated at the foothills of the Andes and next to beautiful Nahuel Huapi Lake, Bariloche is the perfect spot to spend some time for the holidays. It’s been described as a quaint, Swiss-style, South American ski town with lots of chocolate shops around every corner. Sounds like it will be a real treat! Continue reading Bariloche – Our home for the holidays

El Calafate – Hosteria Rukahué

Set in a beautiful Patagonian setting, this alphine-style hostel came in at $58.00 USD a night. With great views and rustic decor, many reviewers called it “comfortable, warm, and cozy.” In addition, breakfast here is known to be handmade and impressive. This will be our retreat as we explore the Perito Moreno Glacier in Glacier National Park.  Continue reading El Calafate – Hosteria Rukahué

El Chaltén – Inlandsis

I can’t remember the last time I slept in a bunk bed. Here at the Inlandsis Posada, Harry and I will officially be bunk-mates. We jumped on the opportunity to stay in this charming wooden house given the high costs of accommodations in Patagonia. It’s only 100 meters from Glacier National Park. For $40.00 USD per night, we get a small room with bunk beds, private bathroom, and breakfast each morning….and great views of Mount Fitz Roy. The Review  We stayed 5 nights in this hosteria. For those that didn’t know this (we didn’t), a hosteria is more of a bed and breakfast type establishment that does not have the amenities that a hostel provides such as kitchen access and basic laundry facilities. If you are not planning on cooking or will not need access to the kitchen, a hosteria can work for you. We were unaware of this at the time of booking, and therefore had to make other arrangements for lunch and dinner. Food is expensive in this area and we could have saved money by having kitchen access. We have learned that most of the construction in Argentina is pretty poor. Just the same, in this hostel we had our toilet seat break, our shower handle bust, the red counter turn our stuff red, and one day we had periods of NO water in the hostel. This occurred during the morning shower rush while in the shower. Despite the shotty craftsmanship, the price for this room in El Chaltén was very reasonable at ~$38.00 USD per night for a private bunk bed room and a private shower. Positives include daily cleaning services, fresh towels and soap daily, clean bed, one of the nicest breakfasts we encountered by Argentine standards (including tea, coffee, yogurt, cereal, bakery bread/toasts, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a large cup of fresh cut fruits.) The hosteria is small. There really isn’t a place to relax or get out of the room to unwind. Forget wifi, the whole town is surrounded by wifi blocking mountains due to their use of satellite internet connections as explained by locals. Views of Mount Fitz Roy from your bedroom window are awesome. Despite the setbacks, we agree we would stay here again since you can’t beat the price.

Room Tip – If you opt for the bunk bed rooms for a less expensive option, the upstairs rooms have shelving for storage and are typically quieter than the downstairs rooms.

B$ Tip – We really enjoyed Porter’s bar and grill for their huge burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. Bottles of wine were more reasonably priced at 85 pesos to enjoy outside after a long day of hiking.

Ushuaia – Our Home at the End of the World – La Posta

Knowing that we will be in Southern Argentina during the busy season, we are quickly moving along with Patagonia planning. Today we booked the hostel that we will be staying at during the “bookends” of our Antarctica trip. After a lot of research, we decided to book La Posta Hostel. (La Posta means “outpost” in Spanish!) We will have a private double with a shared bath. In addition, the hostel includes a traditional Argentine breakfast, free wifi, a laundry room, two kitchens, and a spacious patio to enjoy mountain views. Costs are ~ $33.00 USD per person.

 The Review

We stayed at La Posta at the bookends of our Antarctica trip. Lucas and other staff were friendly and helpful throughout our stay. We stayed in the private double room. Bathrooms are all communal and could have used a floor clean to remove clumps of accumulated hair, but for the most part where acceptable. Towels and soap are provided, although not shampoo.

There are two kitchens for meal prep at this hostel. One smaller one is cleaner and less frequently used than the other. By the end of the evening, with so many guests,it tends to get a little dirty and run down. They could use some new cookware and someone to ensure fresh supplies such as towels, sponges, and dish soap for a nicer kitchen experience.

Breakfast consists of medialunas and coffee/tea only. The walk to town and the supermarket took 15-20 minutes.

A bonus was that since we had our own laundry soap, we were able to use the machine and drying room free of charge. Otherwise, it costs 15 pesos.

Room Tip! Note that if you book the private double, the one near the entrance is so close to the communal kitchen area, couches, and front desk it gets very loud! Opt for the double in the back of the hostel if you are sensitive to noise.

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on the patio with mountain views....and some rum!
Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on the patio with mountain views….and some rum!




Buenos Aires deal – $28.69 per night!

Our 1st RTW booking seems like a great find. The B$ Travelers just booked 32 days in Buenos Aires at $28.69 per night. That’s only $14 per person per day!

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