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Bangkok Budget Travel Guide

Our third visit to Thailand felt a whole lot different. This time around, we traded in the laid back beach life of Phuket for the bustling city of Bangkok. Lots of travelers have spent time in this city, so we opted to explore for eight nights to experience it for ourselves. We planned to use a few additional days to rest and acclimate ourselves from the Euro Life and significant time change.  Continue reading Bangkok Budget Travel Guide

Travel Guide: Episode 14 -Going Beyond Patong; Thailand

Come BS with us as we explore Thailand. Topics include great budget savvy ways to experience the island of Phuket. Of course, we share our travel secret as to how we experienced Ko Phi Phi Beach in peaceful serenity. Some additional topics include: our favorite hidden gem restaurant, getting away from the typical backpacker route in Patong, how to score a $6 USD scooter rental, celebrating Songkran, and figuring out how to stay alive in one of the most unregulated countries for tourists. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….


Video of Songkran Water Festival – Thailand

Experience the Songkran Festival from the viewpoint of our scooter as we bike through the streets of Phuket. Songkran is the most important celebration of the Thai lunar calendar and is treated as a ‘New Year’ celebration. It’s held throughout Thailand and marks the beginning of the solar calendar (it translates as ‘the passing of’).


This year, the date of the Maha Songkran or the ‘New Year’ is set for April 13th, when day and night are of equal length. This will be followed by Nao Day (Middle day) on April 14th, and the New Year itself on April 15th. For some, it’s a period of reflection and carrying out of familial shows of respect to elders. But for us, well, for everyone in Thailand, it’s a perfect excuse to get crazy, hit the streets, and throw tons of water at at anything that moves.

Happy New Year from Phuket!

Thailand, you just became our Plan C

Tomorrow morning we leave Phuket. This transition is going to be surprisingly hard for us after two months of living the Thai life. Living here has been so wonderfully easy. We’ve been extremely fortunate to live so high on the hog. We’ve spent two months in two large apartments with comfy beds, beautiful views, and even a drip coffee maker! We’ve enjoyed access to pools, restaurants and a fitness center. Continue reading Thailand, you just became our Plan C