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Kicking-off 2017 with a “Bang”

Happy New Year! After over two years of traveling through Europe and living the European lifestyle, it is time for a little change of scenery. We are excited to announce that we are switching continents for a few months to enjoy some warmer weather, new cuisine, and a lot of adventure. Continue reading Kicking-off 2017 with a “Bang”

Our Insider Guide: Europe’s Top LOCAL Eats!

Being a foodie on a backpacker’s budget has taught us a thing or two about the best way to experience a country’s food scene. Before we left on our travels, being a foodie meant experiencing cuisine in high-end restaurants, with accompanying high-end prices. But throughout our budget savvy travels, we’ve learned a valuable lesson. Good food, with great value, often comes in smaller, more authentic restaurants. We’re talking about traditional family-style restaurants where European families come to dine on Sunday afternoons, or the hole in the wall gems where the working-class order hearty luncheon specials at affordable prices.

Continue reading Our Insider Guide: Europe’s Top LOCAL Eats!

Fat Ugly Americans in Romania

I’m sitting here with piles of old tourist maps and travel guides scattered in front of me on the table. The maps are covered with x’s of attractions visited, and the photos are all of familiar places where our path has already crossed.

For weeks, I’ve been trying to scrounge up the desire to write about our time in Romania. Anyone paying close enough attention may notice that my last post left off in Bucharest, where I tried to offer my best advice to how to enjoy the city. Throughout our travels, we’ve always tried to be truthful and honest on our reflections of a country.

Right now, I just feel stuck. Continue reading Fat Ugly Americans in Romania

My House in Budapest

Here’s a tour of “Our House in Budapest.”

We said it before and we’ll say it again, finding great, budget-friendly accommodation is probably the greatest challenge we face while on the road. Therefore, when we find something special that offers great value, we are quick to share our travel secret on our blog. We spend A LOT of time researching, so why not pass this valuable information along to our followers? Continue reading My House in Budapest

What’s the Best European City for the Holidays? A Photo Essay

2015 was the year that I decided I was in search of answering the question, “Where are you, Christmas?” So with December 13th marking our ability to re-enter the European Union, we decided we would experience the holiday season in Budapest, home to one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets. Continue reading What’s the Best European City for the Holidays? A Photo Essay

Rafting Vukasovic – Hold On For Dear Life

Many may not think to explore Croatia’s inland, but there is so much that lies beyond the beaches and the Adriatic Sea. We reached out to Rafting Vukasovic to see what lies within Croatia’s mountains and scenic river valley. Croatia’s landscape is made for adventure. This tour takes you on a three hour, ten kilometer rafting trip on the gorgeous Cetina River near Omiš.

Continue reading Rafting Vukasovic – Hold On For Dear Life

Our RTW Trip Is Officially OVER!

During each transition on our RTW trip, I’ve always found the need to document an important milestone or moment with some sort of blog post. Transitions should always serve as a time of reflection. As we mark the two year anniversary of our departure, I felt the need to write something to express our feelings at this stage of the game. Continue reading Our RTW Trip Is Officially OVER!

Travel Article Apps Giveaway! New Technology from GPSmyCity

Have You Heard About GPSmyCity?

GPSmyCity is a handy app presents you over 5000 self-guided walks in 470+ cities around the world, featuring the best of each city, from world famous attractions to hidden gems. There simply is no better way to see a city on foot, at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for a guided tour. Continue reading Travel Article Apps Giveaway! New Technology from GPSmyCity

Press Release – Welcome to the REAL world

Address Controversy Related to  Ep. 51: Long, Hot, and Smelly

September 3, 2016– This video, Ep. 51: Long, Hot, and Smelly, was and still is a harmless, satire video based upon the budget savvy traveler lifestyle. We decided that we needed to formally address this topic as we’ve been harassed, threatened, and bullied all over the internet. Up until now it really didn’t bother us as we knew we never made any hateful, derogatory, or insulting comment about anyone or any group specifically. What has bothered us is fellow travel bloggers taking this great opportunity to spread hate on other travelers who do things a little differently, act a little quirky, and don’t fit the status quo. Continue reading Press Release – Welcome to the REAL world

Vote Now for Sexiest Travel Blogger 2017

It’s that time of year again – the time when Budget & Savvy Travel magazine unveils the sexiest travel blogger alive. This year they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary and there’s no shortage of eye candy. It’s your opportunity to vote for the sexiest travel blogger alive. Below are the nominations. Make your vote count. Vote now!

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Why Today’s PC Culture is Ruining Travel Blogging

There’s a growing movement in the US that we’ve been following from afar. It’s the notion that society has become way too politically correct to function successfully. And you know what? We couldn’t agree with this more! In fact, we are catapulting ourselves onto the bandwagon and would be honored to lead the un-PC parade. Many would think this only applies to the world of politics, but even in our world of travel blogging, being politically correct has gotten WAY too out of control. It’s almost made us wonder how worthwhile travel blogging even is when people are scared to offend or to give their honest opinion.

Continue reading Why Today’s PC Culture is Ruining Travel Blogging


There are many great Airbnb hosts out there in the world. Many go above and beyond the call of duty to take travelers under their wings, making strangers a friend. Some provide personalized tours of the neighborhood and cities they live in. Others may leave gift baskets, homemade cakes, and local bottles of wine. You can tell, they take great pride in their rental unit, neighborhood, and city. And then there’s these hosts. Continue reading 15 REASONS WHY YOU PUT THE NIGHTMARE IN #AIRBNBNIGHTMARE

Part 2 – How to win AND lose a dispute with the Airbnb Resolution Center

We rented an apartment through Airbnb for 7 nights during a trip to Bulgaria. After leaving the apartment, the host contacted us requesting payment for dirty walls and dirty linens. We could not work out a solution together and were forced to go through the Airbnb Resolution Center (ARC). Below we’ll share our experience in a very detailed format. Keep in mind that the information provided is intended to help guide both parties (the host and guest). Through our experience, you’ll learn the necessary steps to take in order for you to win your dispute through the ARC. Continue reading Part 2 – How to win AND lose a dispute with the Airbnb Resolution Center

Ep. 20: What did WE get ourselves INTO?

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Introducing BS TRAVEL TV

As we continue to make our way around the globe, we’ve found that we truly enjoy recording our journey through the art of travel cinematography. Not only is it a better way to share everyday life events, but videography allows us to make clips that will forever be documented. Our travel memories are beginning to get a little fuzzy. Producing short, daily vlogs help answer the question, “Where did all the time go?”

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How to eat LAMB before and after Game of Thrones


How to get the cheapest car rental price-Webinar

We’ve boasted several times about how we get such amazingly low car rental rates as we travel around the world. Instead of attempting to explain it in a written blog post, we decided it was a good topic for our first webinar! Enjoy!


Media Kit – Partnerships

As social media influencers we’re able to build a relationship between your company and consumers.

 How can we help grow Your Company?

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Chianti Wine Region Travel Guide on a Budget

Being wine lovers, exploring Italy’s Chianti region was a must! But as always, visiting wine country can get a little overwhelming. Figuring out transportation, planning the route, and organizing tastings can turn a relaxing, enjoyable experience into a very stressful one. Then add the worry about drinking and driving?


Continue reading Chianti Wine Region Travel Guide on a Budget

Scoring the Best Car Rental In Europe with a Short-Term Lease

Many people think that renting a car in Europe has to be expensive. Those that go the traditional route of renting  through the big names like Avis, Budget, and Hertz will surely be overpaying. If you’re planning on renting a car for at least 15 days in Europe you can save a small fortune by going through a lease buyback program. Two reputable companies offering this service are Peugeot (Poo-dʒou) and Renault (Re-new).  We purchased a brand new car for ONLY $28 per day through <Auto Europe> Continue reading Scoring the Best Car Rental In Europe with a Short-Term Lease