Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 3

Come BS with us as we continue to explore Buenos Aires, where we talk tango, celeb spotting, and living the B.A. lifestyle! Cozy up with a glass of wine or enjoy some travel talk on your lunch break. We’re bringing you some great video footage, a new theme song, and best of all lots of laughs!

One Week In – Free Bird

This is what winning the lottery must feel like. You feel like you don’t deserve the winnings, but maybe a part of you (deep down) thinks, ‘well I DID buy the ticket.’ Continue reading One Week In – Free Bird

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 2

We had a glitch in the Youtube Matrix with episode 2. Make sure to check out the updated version for cool PIP scenes and funny thought bubbles.

We discuss broken crypts, local pizza, our 20 minute subway separation (Oh please), & Audrey badly attempts being a B.A. historian. All coming up in Episode 2 – Buenos Aires continued.

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