How to do Borneo on a Budget

Back in my pre-RTW days, I would scroll through Pinterest’s travel pins and always stop when I came across anything related to Borneo. The trees. The misty jungle. The unusual animals. This made Borneo one of my top destinations to see on our RTW. However, due to the extremely high cost of lodging, we almost gave up on visiting this beautiful area of the world. After many hours of research, we had difficulty finding mid-range accommodation options. It was either sleep on mats in jungle huts or stay at luxury jungle lodges. Neither option was going to work for us. Continue reading How to do Borneo on a Budget

Best Rafting in Croatia Travel Guide

Many may not think to explore Croatia’s inland, but there is so much that lies beyond the beaches and the Adriatic Sea. We reached out to Rafting Vukasovic to see what lies within Croatia’s mountains and scenic river valley. Croatia’s landscape is made for adventure. This tour takes you on a three hour, ten kilometer rafting trip on the gorgeous Cetina River near Omiš.

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Our RTW Trip Is Officially OVER!

During each transition on our RTW trip, I’ve always found the need to document an important milestone or moment with some sort of blog post. Transitions should always serve as a time of reflection. As we mark the two year anniversary of our departure, I felt the need to write something to express our feelings at this stage of the game. Continue reading Our RTW Trip Is Officially OVER!

Best Sailing in Split, Croatia

Imagine the wind in your hair, your body feeling the surge of the waves, and breathing in all that fresh sea air! If you are spending time in Split, you must make time to get out on the Adriatic Sea. This was our first time sailing and we are definitely hooked. There is an energy that comes with being aboard a sailboat. When the wind is just right, everything comes alive! The crew members work in unison, using all the essential parts, to set in motion this big, powerful racing boat. It really is an exciting experience and one that we highly recommend.

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Breaking Free Without Breaking The Budget

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