Truffle Guide for Motovun Istria

Many are aware of Italy’s culinary truffle tradition, but did you know that neighboring Croatia’s truffle industry is booming? If you’re visiting the Istria region, you can’t help but get caught up in the underground treasure hunt that is the known as the truffle. There are truffle hunting tours, truffle fests, and souvenir shops dedicated to endless products made from truffles.

Harry adores truffles. I, on the other hand, don’t see what all the fuss is about. However, in the spirit that you should try everything at least once, our goal is to guide you so you can decide for yourself! As dedicated foodies, we set out to try to experience this delicacy in the BEST budget savvy way that we could. Continue reading Truffle Guide for Motovun Istria

Chasing Dinosaurs in Istria, Croatia

One of the reasons we love using Airbnb is because we always get such great travel tips from our hosts when visiting their city. Our first stop on our tour of Istria, a region in northern Croatia, was Pula. Pula is a sea side town, the largest city in Istria, and is known for its Roman ruins, especially the Roman Arena. This amphitheater is special as it has four surrounding side towers, three of which are entirely preserved. Continue reading Chasing Dinosaurs in Istria, Croatia

My House in Budapest

Here’s a tour of “Our House in Budapest.”

We said it before and we’ll say it again, finding great, budget-friendly accommodation is probably the greatest challenge we face while on the road. Therefore, when we find something special that offers great value, we are quick to share our travel secret on our blog. We spend A LOT of time researching, so why not pass this valuable information along to our followers? Continue reading My House in Budapest

Best European City for the Holidays and Christmas

2015 was the year that I decided I was in search of answering the question, “Where are you, Christmas?” So with December 13th marking our ability to re-enter the European Union, we decided we would experience the holiday season in Budapest, home to one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets. Continue reading Best European City for the Holidays and Christmas

Croatia’s Best Islands to Visit

No trip to Croatia is complete without visiting some of the hidden gems and beautiful destinations that lie beyond the mainland. Ask many locals where their favorite destinations are in their home country, and they point to the beautiful islands that lie off the coast. Unfortunately, getting out to the islands is easier said than done. Continue reading Croatia’s Best Islands to Visit

Moldova Travel Guide. Best Things to See and Do!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We really set off to visit Moldova simply to add a tally to our country number count. We also wanted bragging rights to say that we ventured into Europe’s least visited country. Travel bloggers who have traversed before us have called Moldova “uncharming,” “bland,” and joked that “we found delicious smoked cheese knots and a cool old Soviet bike….but that was it.”

Continue reading Moldova Travel Guide. Best Things to See and Do!

How Much We Spent to Travel The World for 2 Years

Many long-term travelers do not disclose their financial information to their followers. This makes it even more challenging for future travelers to plan their own RTW trip. Finances always seem to be a very private subject. However, throughout our RTW trip, we have always been very transparent with our budget so that other couples embarking on this type of travel could have a useful resource to plan accordingly. Continue reading How Much We Spent to Travel The World for 2 Years

Breaking Free without Breaking the Budget

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