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How to do Borneo on a Budget

Back in my pre-RTW days, I would scroll through Pinterest’s travel pins and always stop when I came across anything related to Borneo. The trees. The misty jungle. The unusual animals. This made Borneo one of my top destinations to see on our RTW. However, due to the extremely high cost of lodging, we almost gave up on visiting this beautiful area of the world. After many hours of research, we had difficulty finding mid-range accommodation options. It was either sleep on mats in jungle huts or stay at luxury jungle lodges. Neither option was going to work for us. Continue reading How to do Borneo on a Budget

Travel Guide: Episode 14 -Going Beyond Patong; Thailand

Come BS with us as we explore Thailand. Topics include great budget savvy ways to experience the island of Phuket. Of course, we share our travel secret as to how we experienced Ko Phi Phi Beach in peaceful serenity. Some additional topics include: our favorite hidden gem restaurant, getting away from the typical backpacker route in Patong, how to score a $6 USD scooter rental, celebrating Songkran, and figuring out how to stay alive in one of the most unregulated countries for tourists. Just two sassy, honest, and funny travelers doing their thing….