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Secrets and Hidden Gems of Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the last few years, Dubrovnik has experienced a massive surge in tourism. With its Game of Thrones filming locations, frequent celebrity sightings, and picturesque beauty, business is booming in Croatia’s most visited destination. Although Dubrovnik is definitely worth a visit, it’s often hard to escape the cruise ship tourists and summer-time crowds. The key to finding Dubrovnik’s charms lies in knowing and searching for its hidden gems. This guide will share insider tips for those that want to discover the secrets inside the walls of Dubrovnik. Continue reading Secrets and Hidden Gems of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ultimate Travel Guide to Macedonia: Exploring the Heart of the Balkans

We first learned of Macedonia from other travelers’ stories of the quirky capital.  There were claims that Skopje was unlike any city in Europe, with a Las Vegas style vibe and flashy architecture. With Skopje peaking our interest, and given the knowledge that Macedonia has amazing wine, we decided to enjoy summer in this less traversed country. Initially, our plan was to stay just a few weeks, but amazing people and affordable prices kept us there for two full months. Continue reading Ultimate Travel Guide to Macedonia: Exploring the Heart of the Balkans

Skopje Travel Guide

With our 90 day visa about to end in Croatia, we decided to explore Macedonia for the summer. Travelers have described Skopje as quirky, unique, and unlike any other place they’ve ever visited, so we were intrigued to explore it for ourselves. We were also excited to cross Macedonia off our list as one of the last Balkan countries we had left to explore. It was important for us to share a detailed Skopje travel guide with our followers as there is so much more complexity to the city than just quirky architecture. Continue reading Skopje Travel Guide

Touring French Wine Country – Budget and Itinerary

Planning a tour of French wine country can feel overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to do it on a budget. France is an expensive country to visit and there’s a huge amount of ground to cover.  Starting in Paris and heading counter clockwise, we worked our way west to the beaches of Normandy, south to Marseille, and ended in beautiful Champagne country.  Our itinerary covered 22 days. In this guide we explain how we got around, where we stayed, where our best wine experiences occurred, and the general sites and highlights we visited along the way.
Continue reading Touring French Wine Country – Budget and Itinerary

Bangkok Budget Travel Guide

Our third visit to Thailand felt a whole lot different. This time around, we traded in the laid back beach life of Phuket for the bustling city of Bangkok. Lots of travelers have spent time in this city, so we opted to explore for eight nights to experience it for ourselves. We planned to use a few additional days to rest and acclimate ourselves from the Euro Life and significant time change.  Continue reading Bangkok Budget Travel Guide

Chasing Dinosaurs in Istria, Croatia

One of the reasons we love using Airbnb is because we always get such great travel tips from our hosts when visiting their city. Our first stop on our tour of Istria, a region in northern Croatia, was Pula. Pula is a sea side town, the largest city in Istria, and is known for its Roman ruins, especially the Roman Arena. This amphitheater is special as it has four surrounding side towers, three of which are entirely preserved. Continue reading Chasing Dinosaurs in Istria, Croatia

Your Best UNIQUE Iceland Travel Guide

Several followers have reached out to us asking some advice on how we did Iceland. So we put together this post explaining how, and why, we did Iceland a little differently.

Iceland has become one of the hottest must-see countries in the world. Travelers are drawn to its dramatic landscapes, the quirky vibe of Reykjavik, and the chance to experience the elusive northern lights. Of course every traveler’s favorite movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, just added to Iceland’s allure. After having the opportunity to explore this country, we agree there’s nothing else quite like it in the world. Continue reading Your Best UNIQUE Iceland Travel Guide