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What’s 120 Days of RTW Travel Cost?

Holy crap, it’s already been 120 days! When we told people we were selling everything and traveling the world many people asked the same underlying questions:

  • How can you afford it?
  • Are you rich? It must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, right?
  • Are you a trust fund baby?
  • Don’t you know it costs a lot to retire?

Every penny has been counted. Checkout the stats, it may not be as expensive as you think. Continue reading What’s 120 Days of RTW Travel Cost?

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: Bonaventura Trips

Some of the biggest events of our life have been spent on the water. Even a portion of our wedding day was spent on a yacht! Therefore, we decided to book a river excursion to celebrate our 9 year anniversary and we ended up with a great anniversary gift…our very first partnership! We spent the day out on the Buenos Aires Delta with Bonaventura Trips. Our local guide, Tomas Hughes showed us an awesome time out on the river! Here’s the link to our full day of adventure and fun with Bonaventura Trips! Come watch our video link! We highly recommend this tour!

Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 3

Come BS with us as we continue to explore Buenos Aires, where we talk tango, celeb spotting, and living the B.A. lifestyle! Cozy up with a glass of wine or enjoy some travel talk on your lunch break. We’re bringing you some great video footage, a new theme song, and best of all lots of laughs!