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Ultimate Travel Guide to Macedonia: Exploring the Heart of the Balkans

We first learned of Macedonia from other travelers’ stories of the quirky capital.  There were claims that Skopje was unlike any city in Europe, with a Las Vegas style vibe and flashy architecture. With Skopje peaking our interest, and given the knowledge that Macedonia has amazing wine, we decided to enjoy summer in this less traversed country. Initially, our plan was to stay just a few weeks, but amazing people and affordable prices kept us there for two full months. Continue reading Ultimate Travel Guide to Macedonia: Exploring the Heart of the Balkans

Show Me Your Walnut: Visiting Etnoland-Dalmati

Within Croatia’s interior, there’s a hidden gem that many independent tourists may not come across. Located in Pakovo Selo, about a 10 minute drive from National park Krka, Etnoland is a unique attraction that showcases Croatian culture to those that wish to step back in time to learn more. Here, visitors can enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Dalmatia.  Continue reading Show Me Your Walnut: Visiting Etnoland-Dalmati

Bitola Macedonia Travel Guide

Bitola was one of our favorite stops on our tour of Macedonia. It has a charming, small city vibe with shady parks and a cafe-lined Main Street. Of all of Macedonia’s cities, Bitola feels the most European with its romantic 19th century neo-classical architecture. Known as The City of Consuls, it is home to twelve different consulates. The majority of them are housed in beautifully crafted buildings on the city’s main strip.

This Bitola travel guide will share day-trip ideas, offer budget savvy tips, and provide contact information for locals to help you plan your next holiday to this amazing region.

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Skopje Travel Guide

With our 90 day visa about to end in Croatia, we decided to explore Macedonia for the summer. Travelers have described Skopje as quirky, unique, and unlike any other place they’ve ever visited, so we were intrigued to explore it for ourselves. We were also excited to cross Macedonia off our list as one of the last Balkan countries we had left to explore. It was important for us to share a detailed Skopje travel guide with our followers as there is so much more complexity to the city than just quirky architecture. Continue reading Skopje Travel Guide

Touring French Wine Country – Budget and Itinerary

Planning a tour of French wine country can feel overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to do it on a budget. France is an expensive country to visit and there’s a huge amount of ground to cover.  Starting in Paris and heading counter clockwise, we worked our way west to the beaches of Normandy, south to Marseille, and ended in beautiful Champagne country.  Our itinerary covered 22 days. In this guide we explain how we got around, where we stayed, where our best wine experiences occurred, and the general sites and highlights we visited along the way.
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Our Insider Guide: Europe’s Top LOCAL Eats!

Being a foodie on a backpacker’s budget has taught us a thing or two about the best way to experience a country’s food scene. Before we left on our travels, being a foodie meant experiencing cuisine in high-end restaurants, with accompanying high-end prices. But throughout our budget savvy travels, we’ve learned a valuable lesson. Good food, with great value, often comes in smaller, more authentic restaurants. We’re talking about traditional family-style restaurants where European families come to dine on Sunday afternoons, or the hole in the wall gems where the working-class order hearty luncheon specials at affordable prices.

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My House in Budapest

Here’s a tour of “Our House in Budapest.”

We said it before and we’ll say it again, finding great, budget-friendly accommodation is probably the greatest challenge we face while on the road. Therefore, when we find something special that offers great value, we are quick to share our travel secret on our blog. We spend A LOT of time researching, so why not pass this valuable information along to our followers? Continue reading My House in Budapest