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Our Insider Guide: Europe’s Top LOCAL Eats!

Being a foodie on a backpacker’s budget has taught us a thing or two about the best way to experience a country’s food scene. Before we left on our travels, being a foodie meant experiencing cuisine in high-end restaurants, with accompanying high-end prices. But throughout our budget savvy travels, we’ve learned a valuable lesson. Good food, with great value, often comes in smaller, more authentic restaurants. We’re talking about traditional family-style restaurants where European families come to dine on Sunday afternoons, or the hole in the wall gems where the working-class order hearty luncheon specials at affordable prices.

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My House in Budapest

Here’s a tour of “Our House in Budapest.”

We said it before and we’ll say it again, finding great, budget-friendly accommodation is probably the greatest challenge we face while on the road. Therefore, when we find something special that offers great value, we are quick to share our travel secret on our blog. We spend A LOT of time researching, so why not pass this valuable information along to our followers? Continue reading My House in Budapest

What’s the Best European City for the Holidays? A Photo Essay

2015 was the year that I decided I was in search of answering the question, “Where are you, Christmas?” So with December 13th marking our ability to re-enter the European Union, we decided we would experience the holiday season in Budapest, home to one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets. Continue reading What’s the Best European City for the Holidays? A Photo Essay

Chianti Wine Region Travel Guide on a Budget

Being wine lovers, exploring Italy’s Chianti region was a must! But as always, visiting wine country can get a little overwhelming. Figuring out transportation, planning the route, and organizing tastings can turn a relaxing, enjoyable experience into a very stressful one. Then add the worry about drinking and driving?


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A Travel Guide to Doing Iceland Differently. Thinking Outside the “Ring”

Several followers have reached out to us asking some advice on how we did Iceland. So we put together this post explaining how, and why, we did Iceland a little differently.

Iceland has become one of the hottest must-see countries in the world. Travelers are drawn to its dramatic landscapes, the quirky vibe of Reykjavik, and the chance to experience the elusive northern lights. Of course every traveler’s favorite movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, just added to Iceland’s allure. After having the opportunity to explore this country, we agree there’s nothing else quite like it in the world. Continue reading A Travel Guide to Doing Iceland Differently. Thinking Outside the “Ring”

Our Prague Pad – Budget Beds

After being nomads for so long, the one thing we sometimes miss is having a cozy place to come home to after a long day of touring. We love sharing the great, budget beds we find. As we often say, finding ways to fill travel days is the easy part! It’s the logistics, such as lodging and transportation, that are always the challenge. Continue reading Our Prague Pad – Budget Beds

The Best Food Tour in Serbia: Stretchy Pants Needed Touring With Taste Serbia!

Anyone who knows us, already can attest that food and wine often drives our travels. We’ve always felt that you don’t truly know a country until you experience its local cuisine. But just like us, most visitors seem to end up traveling to Serbia by accident. It’s not on the typical backpacker route. There’s no dramatic scenery, iconic architecture, or beach life that draws travelers in. However, what it lacks in these areas, it makes up for with its food, wine, and nightlife. Continue reading The Best Food Tour in Serbia: Stretchy Pants Needed Touring With Taste Serbia!

Listen to my bagpipes! Hiking the West Highland Way

The West Highland Way (WHW) has left an imprint on my heart. Just watching this video, I crave to be back in Scotland. Anyone who has completed a long distance hike knows that insatiable feeling. Your body and mind yearns to be back on the trail. I think it’s because being in nature is the ultimate decompressor. When hiking the WHW, you encounter only a few, if any, other hikers while completing your journey. People sometimes forget how important solitude, mindful reflection, and digital detox is to one’s soul.

This video was our way of documenting hiking 100 miles in the beautiful countryside of Scotland. What an awesome remembrance of one of the biggest highlights on our RTW trip. So without further ado…here’s our presentation of ~ THE WEST HIGHLAND WAY!

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Travel Guide to France’s FREE World War Sites

As we road tripped through France, wine wasn’t the only thing that fueled our agenda. Passionate about history, Harry and I sought out landmarks that were scattered across the country to learn more about how both World Wars impacted the people and countries involved. We primarily used Rick Steves’ Whirlwind Three-Week Tour of France by Car as a rough guide and we found a few of our own hidden gems along the way. Continue reading Travel Guide to France’s FREE World War Sites

How we scored free weed in Amsterdam

Some think that the life of a BS Traveler is full of nonstop fun and excitement. At times it can be frustrating when we hear remarks like, “Must be nice to be on a two-year vacation.” It’s as if we won an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, to a luxury all-inclusive resort. Not to sound ungrateful, but there are quite a lot of headaches that one doesn’t take into consideration. With a limited amount of funds, travel is work. Just consider logistics, such as traveling from point A to point B as cost-effectively as possible without getting lost, ripped-off, or mugged.  Continue reading How we scored free weed in Amsterdam