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Listen to my bagpipes! Hiking the West Highland Way

The West Highland Way (WHW) has left an imprint on my heart. Just watching this video, I crave to be back in Scotland. Anyone who has completed a long distance hike knows that insatiable feeling. Your body and mind yearns to be back on the trail. I think it’s because being in nature is the ultimate decompressor. When hiking the WHW, you encounter only a few, if any, other hikers while completing your journey. People sometimes forget how important solitude, mindful reflection, and digital detox is to one’s soul.

This video was our way of documenting hiking 100 miles in the beautiful countryside of Scotland. What an awesome remembrance of one of the biggest highlights on our RTW trip. So without further ado…here’s our presentation of ~ THE WEST HIGHLAND WAY!

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Your Travel Guide for Hiking the West Highland Way

After nine days trekking in Scotland’s wilderness, we crossed the finish line for the West Highland Way yesterday. Now, as I sit on a bus which is taking us backwards through our 100 mile journey, I still am amazed by the passing scenery (and how far we walked!). Very much under the radar, Scotland has been a hidden gem in our travels.

Scotland was never on our initial planned RTW route. In fact, we had never even heard of The West Highland Way until I was researching another long distance walk, called The Hadrian’s Wall hike. However, the more I researched Scotland, the more intrigued I became. And with Harry’s encouragement, we agreed it was time for an big adventure and together we worked to piece together our trip. Continue reading Your Travel Guide for Hiking the West Highland Way