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Best Patagonia Travel Guide for Wine Lovers

We’ve always found ourselves in wine country during our travels. Sure, it’s not whitewater rafting or sky diving, but wine exploration is one of our favorite types of adventure. There’s something amazing about sitting among beautful vineyards while enjoying a nice glass of wine. While Malbec will always play an important role in Patagonian wine, it is the production of Pinot Noir that got us interested in exploring the region. If you ever come across a Pinot Noir from Neuquén or the Río Negro we encourage you to give it a try. Continue reading Best Patagonia Travel Guide for Wine Lovers

How to Save a Lot of Money when Selecting Your Antarctica Cruise

Come BS with us as we explore Ushuaia & Antarctica. Topics include tips to save money when securing a booking, crossing the Drake Passage, packing smart, and the emotions felt upon landing on the 7th continent. Also included, is The Director’s Commentary session which provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes perspective on our Exploring Antarctica video.

Travel Guide: Patagonia Cheat Sheet – Budget Savvy Tips and Itinerary

Back when we worked to travel, spending lots of cash in a short amount of time to make the most of our holidays, we aggressively planned almost every minute of our time away. On a RTW trip, we’ve accepted that days move along too fast to have every detail planned. Continue reading Travel Guide: Patagonia Cheat Sheet – Budget Savvy Tips and Itinerary

“Blown away” by Patagonia

After Antarctica, the B$ Travelers have been busy making their way north up through the beautiful mountainous regions of Patagonia. Check out how they handle the high winds of Patagonia. Footage includes Torres Del Paine, Punta Arenas, and Puerto Natales.