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Travel Guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Episode 3

Come BS with us as we continue to explore Buenos Aires, where we talk tango, celeb spotting, and living the B.A. lifestyle! Cozy up with a glass of wine or enjoy some travel talk on your lunch break. We’re bringing you some great video footage, a new theme song, and best of all lots of laughs!

Snooping into our backpacks

Everyone wants to know how one can pack for a multi-year backpacking trip. Here’s the inside scoop and a look into what we packed into our bags.

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It’s time to get uncomfortable

As travelers we know that there are going to be many uncomfortable nights tossing and turning. After all, we’re lying on an unfamiliar bed with our head on a paper thin pillow. About three months ago, I began preaching to Audrey that we needed to start making our lives much more uncomfortable. Forcing ourselves to live uncomfortably would help the transition to life on the road. After the last few weeks, it’s fair to say that my mission is accomplished! Continue reading It’s time to get uncomfortable