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Touring French Wine Country – Budget and Itinerary

Planning a tour of French wine country can feel overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to do it on a budget. France is an expensive country to visit and there’s a huge amount of ground to cover.  Starting in Paris and heading counter clockwise, we worked our way west to the beaches of Normandy, south to Marseille, and ended in beautiful Champagne country.  Our itinerary covered 22 days. In this guide we explain how we got around, where we stayed, where our best wine experiences occurred, and the general sites and highlights we visited along the way.
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Chianti Wine Region Travel Guide on a Budget

Being wine lovers, exploring Italy’s Chianti region was a must! But as always, visiting wine country can get a little overwhelming. Figuring out transportation, planning the route, and organizing tastings can turn a relaxing, enjoyable experience into a very stressful one. Then add the worry about drinking and driving?


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Travel Guide for Mendoza, Argentina

In Mendoza, we set out for quality, not quantity. Our goal was to enjoy a winery or two, then enjoy lunches with mountainous vineyard views. At first, figuring out logistics here was overwhelming. In our research, many previous backpackers blogged about how they splurged by succumbing to a private tour. We even considered it! However, <private tours> here are ungodly expensive ranging from $160-$190 USD per person! And with two weeks in this area, and 3 wine regions to cover, we had the time to figure out how to be a bit more budget savvy.

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Best Patagonia Travel Guide for Wine Lovers

We’ve always found ourselves in wine country during our travels. Sure, it’s not whitewater rafting or sky diving, but wine exploration is one of our favorite types of adventure. There’s something amazing about sitting among beautful vineyards while enjoying a nice glass of wine. While Malbec will always play an important role in Patagonian wine, it is the production of Pinot Noir that got us interested in exploring the region. If you ever come across a Pinot Noir from Neuquén or the Río Negro we encourage you to give it a try. Continue reading Best Patagonia Travel Guide for Wine Lovers